SHIEC Strategic Business and Technology (SB&T) members are organizations that sell products or services to health information exchanges (HIEs). This partner program gives health care and technology vendors an opportunity to join SHIEC as an affiliate, gain access to key industry events and collaborate with current and potential HIE members.

Our SB&T partners provide a technology ecosystem that supports our member HIEs. The HIEs benefit from regular vendor events focused on educating them about new technologies and trends, while our vendors have access to the people and organizations implementing health data sharing across the country.

Benefits of Joining the SB&T Program

  • Sponsorship opportunities at the SHIEC Annual Conference
  • An opportunity to host an annual webinar promoted to all SHIEC members
  • Eligibility to participate in speaker panels at the SHIEC annual meeting, depending on the meeting theme and associated speaker experience
  • Reasonable and moderated access to SHIEC member lists and contact information
  • Receipt of requests for information (RFI) and requests for proposals (RFP) from SHIEC HIE members

SB&T Membership Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be an established business entity that offers products and/or services relevant for HIE organizations.
  • Applicant must agree to recognize and follow SHIEC’s rules regarding access to and use of collaborative tools, information and member contact data available to SB&T members.
  • Be current on annual subscription fees.

SB&T Members

Email us at for more information on SB&T membership.