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    SHIEC Member Healthix Enables JAMA Study of Homelessness

    Health IT Outcomes   By Christine Kern March 2, 2015

    HIE Data Used To Study Healthcare Of HomelessHealthix NY

    “Researchers hope to leverage the study’s results to improve healthcare for the homeless.”

    “For the study, researchers examined Healthix, a New York-based HIE, and found homeless patients experience worse outcomes (a three to four fold increase in mortality rate) and consume a disproportionate amount of healthcare resources (four times more than the average Medicaid patient) compared to the rest of the population.”

    “The study, Identifying Homelessness Using Health Information Exchange Data, was published in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA).”

    “These findings demonstrate the difficulty of identifying homeless patients after they have accessed healthcare services. “

    The study concludes, “The use of health information exchange data enabled us to identify a large number of patients likely to be homeless and to observe the wide variation in registration practices for homeless patients within and across sites.

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