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    The Regional HIE Should be Your First Stop for Interop


    Don Lee   Aug 12, 2015

    One off the biggest hurdles to Health Care interoperability is that there are so many people working on Health Care interoperability. Every IT department in every practice group and hospital is spending time on it. They’re all “rolling their own” and it isn’t sustainable. The answer of course is collaboration, but there are lots of flavors there too. CommonWell,FHIR/Argonaut, and theSequoia Project are all great efforts but are still effectively in competition, and are focused on the national scale. Most care and coordination happens in a pretty finite regional area. So it stands to reason that we should collaborate accordingly and regional (or statewide) Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are the best place to do that.

    Admittedly, its been a bumpy road for many HIEs and some have failed. Keep in mind that it’s a relatively new concept and these groups have been making it up as they go. When you throw a whole bunch of grant money into uncharted waters, some of it will get lost. No surprise there. There’s a whole other class of HIEs that started with strong community support and sound business models that are thriving today. They’re moving past the base purpose of exchanging data and beginning to offer value added services that really make this all worth-while. By focusing on this group, the case for regional HIE becomes strong.

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