Patient Centered Data Home?

The Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) is a cost-effective, scalable method of exchanging patient data among health information exchanges (HIEs). PCDH is based on triggering episode alerts, which notify providers a care event has occurred outside of the patients’ “home” HIE, and confirms the availability and the specific location of the clinical data. This enables providers to initiate a simple query to access real-time information across state and regional lines and the care continuum.

PCDH is an initiative of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) that puts into practice the vision that clinical data should be available whenever and wherever care occurs and “centered” around the patient to improve patient care. In this model, all clinical data becomes part of the comprehensive longitudinal patient record in the HIE where the patient resides, called the Patient Centered Data Home.

PCDH Fact Sheet

How it works
Step 1:   Zip Code Sharing- A PCDH exchange is set up by HIEs sharing all the zip codes within the geographic boundaries that their HIE serves.

Step 2:  Automated Notification-
Once a triggering care event occurs an automated notification is send the patient’s “home” HIE (PCDH) to determine if there is information available for sharing. If clinical data is available an acknowledgment message confirms the availability and location of the data. For example, an out-of-state patient is admitted to a hospital emergency room. This event triggers an automated sequence: an alert is sent to the hospital’s HIE which is relayed to the patient’s home HIE which responds with a notification that information is available on the patient.PCDH Image

Step 3: Query/Response-
The automated notification confirms for providers, from both HIEs, that a simple query will allow them to access the clinical information. In the example above, the hospital ED physician can query and pull patient records from the patient’s home HIE. In addition, the patient’s home HIE can query and pull information on the patient’s out-of-state encounter into the patient’s longitudinal record.

Download PCDH Overview

What is the Patient Centered Data Home Project?

Every patient deserves a complete longitudinal heath record available to providers for their care regardless of where the patient receives that care.

  • Better treatment

  • Coordinated care

The Patient Centered Data Home Project (PCDH) will:

  • Provide a vehicle to close the loop on care for circumstances when the patient is seen outside of their normal care area

  • Enable nationwide access to patient information that follows patient and facilitates better treatment

  • Sharing of patient care data will be accomplished by linking the existing islands of trust established by Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

  • Preserves local governance

  • Protects local stakeholders

Why is PCDH Needed?

  • PCDH is organized around patients and where they live  States

  • Gives patients control of data where ever and whenever they receive care

  • Serves as data trustee to pull together data regardless of who or where the patient is

    • Other attempts fail because they are organized around

    • Individual organizations

    • Convenient geographies (e.g., states)

    • Single EHR vendors

    • Single Payers

    • PCDH can prove the value that HIEs bring to healthcare