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    Mar 4, 2015 / by Alex Ruoff  Bloomberg BNA

    Federal regulators are again considering taking a more active role in governing the electronic exchange of health information between health-care providers, the director of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s Office of Policy recently told me.

    The ONC wants to establish a national public-private partnership that would develop and enforce a common set of policies and business practices for health-care organizations exchanging health data, said Jodi Daniel, director of the ONC’s Office of Policy.

    Federal health IT regulators are seeing “pockets of interoperability” around the country, but little connection between those regions where regular electronic data exchange are occurring, Daniel said. The partnership would aim to improve data exchange nationally, she added.

    “There are pockets where it’s working, where we see success, but we feel that we need a mechanism for bringing those activities together and to bring governance to areas where there might not be any in place,” Daniel said.

    The ONC historically has not required specific exchange standards and in 2012 abandoned an effort to establish information governance regulations.

    Full article here: http://www.bna.com/onc-again-mulls-b17179923646/

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