SHIEC HIE members are community, regional and statewide health information exchanges (HIEs) working together to increase the value they deliver to their stakeholders by sharing best practices and industry advocacy while maintaining strong local governance.

HIE members join SHIEC to collaborate with other HIE members, associate members and SHIEC’s Strategic Business & Technology (SB&T) community. This collaboration increases the value they deliver to their own stakeholders by sharing best practices and industry advocacy efforts.

SHIEC HIE membership is available to all HIE organizations. The SHIEC Board of Directors reviews membership applications prior to granting membership.

Benefits of Becoming and HIE Member

HIE members receive a variety of benefits from participating in SHIEC. Benefits include:

  • Opportunities to share best practices and lessons learned with your peers throughout the country
  • Access to a vendor community focused on serving the needs of HIEs
  • Participation in a variety of committees and projects where HIEs work together to achieve nationwide interoperability
  • Opportunities to promote broader awareness and understanding of your successes within your communities through SHIEC newsletters and communications
  • Participation in speaking engagements and events throughout the year, including at the SHIEC Annual Conference

HIE Member Eligibility Requirements

  • Governmental or legal entity primarily engaged in providing health information exchange services in a multi-stakeholder environment
  • Must have an established multi-stakeholder governance process
  • Active website describing your stakeholders, mission, governance and services provided
  • Be current on annual subscription fees as established by the SHIEC Board
Email us at for more information on HIE membership.