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What is SHIEC?
SHIEC is a national collaborative representing health information exchanges (HIEs). The organization already represents 60 HIEs, and these HIEs collectively cover more than 200 million people across the U.S., well over half of the American population.

Among the services it provides to members, SHIEC helps HIEs:


Influence legislation germane to the common business interests of members


Educate public and private entities regarding the benefits, functions and roles of HIEs


Promote the improvement of business conditions for and the sustainability of HIEs


Achieve economies of scale without losing autonomy or compromising the ability of each member to serve local interests and meet local needs

Each SHIEC HIE member provides services within specific states and geographic areas.

They use information technology and trusted relationships in their service areas to enable secure, authorized exchange of patient information among health care providers. By providing enhanced access to all available and relevant patient data, SHIEC HIE members aim to improve the quality, coordination, and cost-effectiveness of health care provided in their communities.

SHIEC allows HIEs to work together across the country to elevate the conversation about HIEs’ common needs and their collective successes. It provides a forum for HIEs to work together, share best practices and together identify joint solutions to address their needs – solutions such as the Patient Centered Data Home.